Friday, February 8, 2019

Daily Market Report 2/8/19 Another quiet day for the Economic Calendar.  Nothing to report today.  Next week will be a bit busier.  We're winding down on the Q4 Earnings Reports, so we're not having as much effect from them in the Stock Market, as Investors begin toward the US/China Trade Talks.  Today, things are looking a bit sour, as there's been a few different reports out there that make it seem that an Agreement won't be happening any time soon, as it's reported that President Trump doesn't have any plans to meet with President Jinping before the March 1st deadline.  Also, comments by Larry Kudlow, stating that we're still very far apart on any agreement, especially on the enforcement.  Of course, this, along with yesterday's poor data from Germany/EU added to the sentiment in today's poor Stock Market showing, as all indices are in the Red.  MBS is only up 5bps, as there's some improvement, but not enough to notice in pricing for Mortgage Rates.  Yields have dropped further, down to 2.64% now.

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