Thursday, February 28, 2019

Daily Market Report 2/28/19 Initial Jobless Claims moved from 217k from previous week to 225k last week.  It came in at forecast.  GDP came in a bit hotter than expected.  It came in at 2.6%, whereas, forecasts were calling 1.9%.  This report was for the 4th Qtr of 2018.  Manufacturing in Chicago improved in February, as well, which the Chicago PMI jumped from 56.7 to 64.7.  Even though the Economic data came in very good, Stocks are still down.  Geo-Political news is bringing it down.  MBS is down 16bps, which Mortgage Rates rose a bit this morning from yesterday's pricing.  Like it's counter-part, the 10 year Treasury, it's Up against it's 25 and 50 DMA.  Yields are now up to 2.71%.

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