Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Daily Market Report 12/22/21  The Final Q3 GDP was revised higher to 2.3%, which is the final revision.  Consumer Confidence rose to 115.8 in December.  Lastly, Existing Home Sales rose 1.9% in November, which brought the number to 6.46 million seasonally adjusted units.  Stocks are Up today, but we have light volume this week and next week due to the Holidays, so we'll likely see spikes and drops in the Market due to the illiquid Market.  MBS opened about 13bps lower this morning; however, has worked it's way back to +3bps.  So, Mortgage Rates came in worse for East Coast Lenders, but many are now repricing for the better.  Pricing for West Coast and the repricing will match more closely to yesterday's close (Unchanged levels).  Yields have slipped lower to just under 1.46%.

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