Monday, February 8, 2021

Daily Market Report 2/8/21 This week is light on economic data; and today, there are none to report.  Stocks are Up again today, as last week's Jobs Report was very disappointing (obviously, bad news); however, Investors are viewing this type of Bad News, as Good News (in terms of the need for Government Stimulus).  The Stimulus Package, even though it will most likely be revised a bit, is gaining traction in Congress; and about ready for Senate approval.  MBS started the morning lower, but has regained it's losses; and currently sitting at Unchanged levels from Friday's close.  Mortgage Rates are Unchanged, as well.  Yields are skyrocketing, as it's trying to blast it's way thru 2 Technical Ceilings.  It's currently sitting around 1.16% range.

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