Monday, December 28, 2020

Daily Market Report 12/28/20 There's no economic data to report today and this will be another light week in terms of Market Trading, as we continue thru the holidays.  Stocks are Up this morning on President Trump's reversal on his stance of vetoing the Stimulus Bills, which contain a lot of money to other countries and entities than the American Consumer, which he wanted to get more funds to them.  So, now the Brexit and Stimulus Package has certainty; then the next items that Investors will watch will be the Georgia runoff and the COVID numbers.  MBS started the morning off much lower (just under it's 50 DMA) and rose much higher.  It's currently about 2bps from last Thursday's close and had earlier touched the 25 DMA.  Mortagage Rates should be around the same range as last Thursday's pricing and better than last Wednesday's pricing (when I last did my report).  Yields are up against it's Technical ceiling at just over 0.95%.

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