Monday, November 9, 2020

Daily Market Report 11/9/20 There are no economic data to report.  There's only some Treasury Auctions scheduled for today.  Most of the data will be reported on Thursday and Friday of this week.  The Market will be closed on Wednesday, due to Veterans Day.  Stocks are WAY Up this morning, as the DOW has topped 1k.  The Market is being driven primarily due to updates on COVID-19 vaccinations, as Pfizer and BIO N Tech reported high success rates on their late stage testing.  I believe Pfizer reported 90%, which 50% is considered ok.  Also, many pundits are counting the elections to Biden, as these are just the forecasts, not the actual certifications.  We'll most likely see the outcome in a few months, assuming it will go to the Supreme Court.  Meanwhile, the Stocks big surge has pulled investment dollars from Bonds, as MBS is Down 63bps; which means that Mortgage Rates has seen worse pricing today.  Yields have shot all the way Up to .95%.

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