Thursday, November 5, 2020

Daily Market Report 11/5/20 Last week's Jobless Claims were revised higher by 7k (758k), and this week's report came in at the same as last week's initial number of 751k.  Productivity for Q3 preliminary numbers show a 4.9% increase.  Q2 had a revision to 10.6%, from 10.1%.  Q3 Labor Costs had preliminary numbers reflecting a loss of 8.9%; after it's Q2 was revised lower from 9.0% to 8.5%.  Stocks continue their Positive run, as more investors sink in more investment dollars that sat on the sideline due to Uncertainty in the Markets, but it seems to becoming a bit clearer now, as more states reveal their tallies; however, we do expect a final announcement to be delayed, as these results will be contested in the courts.  The Fed will be wrapping up their FOMC today and provide their announcement later today.  We don't expect any movement from them at this time.  More focus has been placed on the election results.  MBS continue it's rise, as it's Up 13bps currently.  Mortgage Rates will look a little nicer today!  Yields started lower, but has risen a little bit today; and is currently sitting at 0.76%.

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