Monday, July 29, 2019

Daily Market Report 7/29/19  There are no scheduled data to be released today from the Economic Calendar; however, this week, we have a wide range of important data to be released (namely Inflation, housing and Jobs).  On top othat data, we have the FOMC, which begins tomorrow and is expected to cut the Fed Funds Rate by 0.25% on Wednesday.  The US and China representatives are expected to meet for the first time tomorrow in China, as the 2 nations try to complete the trade negotiations.  It's not expected to have much progress done from just this meeting, but it provides some optimism for Investors that they're back to the table and talking.  There's still more Corporate Earnings Reports being released this week.  Currently, the Stock Market is trading in Mixed Territory, as the DOW is the lone index in Positive Territory.  This week could be very volatile, so expect a possible rollercoaster effect.  MBS started the morning a little higher, but has since dropped 3bps below Friday's close, and sitting at it's Floor of Support.  Yields are a little lower too, as they reside at 2.06% now.

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