Thursday, July 25, 2019

Daily Market Report 7/25/19 The Weekly Jobless Claims dropped 10k this week to 206k people applying for Unemployment; other words, less people applying for Benefits, so it's an improvement.  Also, Durable Goods Orders jumped up 2.0% in June, after it dropped 2.3% in May.  Even after you remove Transportation, it improved 1.2%.  Stocks are trading in the Red today, as today is one of the busiest days for Corporate Earnings being released.  Also, the ECB announced they are planning for more measures of stimulation for their next meeting in September.  This will probably include lowering their interest rates to negative territory again and bond buying purchase program (in other words, more of the same -but without any results).  MBS tested it's floor of support earlier on, but is currently down 8bps.  It's not enough to have any change or effect on pricing for Mortgage Rates, which have been relatively the same range this whole week.  Yields spiked to 2.08%.

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