Friday, June 17, 2022

Daily Market Report 6/17/22  Industrial Production only increased by 0.2% in May, below forecast of 0.4%.  Also, Leading Indicators contracted by 0.4% in May, which sets off 2 months in a row with contraction.  Stocks are Up today, as Investors are buying on the dip; and money is flowing out of Bonds, as a result.  Investors are trying to acclimate to a new environment, which easy money will be gone; and Fed is being aggressive with their attempts to reduce Inflation back down to 2% level.  Meanwhile, mixed data shows that maybe economy might head into a recession.  As a result, we're currently seeing MBS Down 25bps, after seesawing earlier on.  This means that Mortgage Rates worsened a little bit in comparisons to those being quoted after the Market's close yesterday.  Yesterday, the Market ended up closing Up 5bps, after trading in Negative territory for most of day.  Yields slid quite a bit yesterday, as they're currently hanging around the 3.24% level today.

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