Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Daily Market Report 3/30/22  The ADP report came out better than expected for March, which reported 455k new jobs in the Private Sector; and it's February data was revised higher, from 475k to 486k.  However, the final revision for the Q4 GDP came in a bit lower, at 6.9%, which we can expect it to come down a bit, as it was propped up due to high demand in Housing, which is expected to slow a bit with higher rates.  Also, much of it was built up from COVID Lockdowns (like a dam bursting).  Yesterday, it was reported that Russia will "fundamentally" move it's attacks away from Kyiv and another city nearby; however, it appears that may have been short-lived, as there appears to be fresh attacks.  There was hope for Peace (and the hope continues) yesterday, which the Markets positively reacted (MBS closed +48bps).  Today, Stocks are down and MBS is Up 25-27bps, as Mortgage Rates have another day of improvement.  This may be short-lived, as tomorrow, the PCE will be released.  This is the Fed's favorite gauge for inflation.  Another hot number could hurt MBS tomorrow!  Meanwhile, Yields have slid down to the 2.35% range.

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