Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Daily Market Report 1/13/21  Today, we have consumer inflation report by Consumer Price Index (CPI).  The MoM data for December rose 0.4% and it's YoY rose from 1.2% to 1.4%.  However, it's Core CPI (excludes volatility from food and energy; and holds more weight in impact to Markets) rose only 0.1% in December and it's YoY remained Unchanged at 1.6%.  Stocks liked the inflation data and shows a lot of volatility in the Markets with current Political dramas, as the House is working on a second Impeachment process for President Trump; meanwhile, putting aside other matters, like the larger Stimulus checks they proposed prior to the elections.  Stocks are Up, after reversing the early selloff yesterday.  MBS is currently Up 19bps, but it's showing some more improvement (after I started this report) when the 30 year Bond Auction reported a positive day (MBS moving Up to 28bps).  Tomorrow will be important day to determine, if we've finally found some footing and recover some of the losses from last week.  But today, atleast, Mortgage Rates improved.  Yields have come off their highs; and hopefully found their ceiling.  They've come down to just under 1.10% currently.

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