Friday, January 25, 2019

Daily Market Report 1/25/19  Due to the Gov't Shutdown, there are no Economic Data to provide that were on the Calendar; so, whenever they re-open, then one can assume there will be a plethora of delaye data to be released.  Meanwhile, on the Headline News, Stocks are rising on very good Corporate Earnings and Upbeat Management Conference Calls.  China is addding more Stimulus to their Economy.  And there are reports that the President is drafting a National Emergency Order to build the Wall; thus, hopefully ending the political standoff and re-open the Gov't.  MBS are down about 8bps and below it's 25 DMA again; now, there's a double ceiling above, which may make it (shor-term) more difficult for Mortgage Rates to improve.  Yields are up to 2.75% and fighting to remain above it's 25 DMA, but it's been a tough ceiling of resistance for them.

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