Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Daily Market Report 10/27/21  The Durable Goods Orders dropped by 0.4% in September; however, when you exclude Transportation, then it went up 0.4%.  This is a good basis to view, as Transportation is loaded with high ticketed data that can skew the numbers too much in one direction.  Stocks are Mixed today, as Investors keep pushing aside inflation concerns, but are more interested in the Q3 Earnings Reports.  Tensions are rising again between China and US, as the FCC issued an ultimatum to China Telecom to leave the US Market, as they're being viewed as a security threat.  MBS is currently Up 25 bps (after closing +9bps yesterday), so Mortgage Rates get a bit of a boost for the 3rd day in a row.  Also, helping MBS is the decline with Yields, as they touch on their 25 DMA and sit around 1.54%.  This is after it touch 1.70% late last week.  Let's hope this continues!

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