Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Daily Market Report 3/30/21

 http://MikesDailyMarketReport.com:  We have a few Home Price Indices (HPI) to report, which we'll start with Case Shiller HPI.  Case Shiller reports that home prices rose 11.1% YoY in January; while the report by OFHEO, whom gathers data from conforming loan programs (Fannie and Freddie) rose 12.0% in January.  Lastly, the Consumer Confidence spiked from a revised 90.4 in February to 109.7 in March (this will have an impact with Yields).  Stocks are Down this morning, as we approach month/quarter end, and Fund Managers rebalance their portfolios.  Investors are closely watching for any further selling from Archegos Capital Management, whom disrupted the Markets yesterday with their block selling of $30 billion, as they liquidate to repay calls.  Also, Biden may be announcing (maybe as soon as tomorrow) a new plan on rebuilding our infrastructure that may top out at $3 trillion.  This could have a HUGE impact on Yields, as we saw what the Stimulus package did to Yields about a month ago.  Speaking of Yields, it topped out at 1.77% earlier today, and has since subsided down to just under 1.73%.  MBS started the morning much lower, but has improved to being Down 5bps.  Pricing should be a little worse today, compared to yesterday's ratesheet; but Mortgage Rates should be seeing a huge change.

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