Monday, July 20, 2020

Daily Market Report 7/20/20 This will be a light week, this week, in terms of economic data being released.  We have to data to report today, so the Markets are taking their queues from the news.  Stocks are in Mixed Territory, as the DOW is the lone index in the Red.  This week, we'll see Earnings Reports from the Technology Sector.  Cases of Coronavirus continue to increase, as Gov'ts in both the US and EU reconvene this week to discuss the next phase of Stimulus/Recovery packages for their respective economies.  The US Congress is facing mounting pressure as the $600/week Unemployment expires this week.  It was reported a few weeks ago that 2/3 of the recipients were making more money on Unemployment than going back to work.  Look for a possible long disputed negotiations from both sides before any package is passed.  MBS started the morning higher, but is off it's highs, and sitting about 5bps higher than Friday's close.  So, Mortgage Rates remain Unchanged.  Yields sit just under 0.62%.

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