Thursday, December 19, 2019

Daily Market Report 12/19/19 The Weekly Jobless Claims are down to 235k this week from last week's report of 252k, which is a welcomed sign; but it's still a little higher than we've been seeing, so we'll definitely keep an eye on this data.  The Philly Fed dropped to 0.3 (nearly in contraction range) in December, after being as high as 10.4 in November.  Existing Home Sales fell off it's pace of 5.44 million annualized units to 5.35 million in November.  Leading Economic Indicators remained Unchanged in November.  Stocks are Up this morning, even though the House voted for Impeachment because the sentiment is it will end in the Senate and not go anywhere.  Meanwhile, MBS started the morning lower (below the Fibonacci level, acting as a floor, now a ceiling) is currently Down 3bps from yesterday's close (which closed Up from it's lows and back above the Fibonacci level) -so, it's fighting to remain above the Fibonacci level.  Yields are Up to 1.93%.

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