Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Daily Market Report 12/18/19 Quiet Day in the Market today.  There are no data to report on the economic calendar today, and Geo-Political news is mostly mute.  Even though the House Vote for Impeachment Hearings is not a factor, as it's widely expected to die with the Senate, so Investors are not concerned.  Stocks are somewhat still riding the optimism from the China Trade Agreement.  There was a signal that the US may turn their attention toward the EU, as the USMCA is completed and the China Trade Agreement has been agreed.  Stocks are in Positive Territory so far this morning.  MBS is Down 27bps and below it's Floor of Support.  We'll need to watch this for any bounce back.  Mortgage Rates have worsened a bit today.  Yields have climbed Up to 1.91%.

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