Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Daily Market Report 3/20/19 The Fed wraps up their 2 day meeting today, as Fed Chair Jerome Powell will give his announcement around 11:15 am PST.  Today's announement is expected to go similar to it's previous announcement; and Investors will seek clues on the Fed's forecasts and Balance Sheet unwind.  Stocks are Down this morning ahead of this announcement.  The US and China Trade Talks continue, as there was a report that China was pushing back on some of the US Demands.  We're at the nitty gritty aspects of the final details, so these objections will be commonplace at this stage of negotiations.  It's just a matter of time when they both have a final agreement.  MBS is Up 8bps, but not enough to make any changes with the Mortgage Rates, as they remain Unchanged.  Yields have slipped a little to 2.60%.

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