Friday, March 13, 2020

Daily Market Report 3/13/20 The Import Price Index dropped 0.5% in February.  The Consumer Sentiment remained Unchanged at 101 in March.  Stocks are working their way back into Positive Territory after it's worst day on the Market since 1987.  The DOW was up nearly 1000 points, but is currently sitting around 300.  There might be a Stimulus package that may be announced soon -The White House and Congress are working together on a plan.  The Fed stepped in yesterday to pump more liquidity back into the Markets.  MBS started the Morning lower and were up higher, but have been fluctuating between positive and negative territory.  It's currently Up 5bps, so I'd say that Mortgage Rates are Unchanged from yesterday's close.  If we can get the MBS to close in positive territory, then that may be a sign they're ready to climb their way back up.  Yields are currently at .86%.

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