Thursday, February 6, 2020

Daily Market Report 2/6/20 The Initial Jobless Claims came in under the forecast, at 202k, which is very good news, as Employers are holding onto their employees.  Tomorrow will be the big BLS Jobs data, so stay tuned!  Productivity jumped up 1.4%, as did Labor Costs for Q4.  Stocks are Up this morning on the Jobless Claims, but also reports on US/China implementing the agreement from Phase One by reducing Tariffs by half on February 14th.  MBS is currently Unchanged, as is Mortgage Rates.  It seems like MBS is benefiting from Investors balancing of their Portfolios, as they have been in line lately; typically, they move inverse of one another.  Yields are currently at 1.65%.  Both MBS and Yields are indicating undecided movements on the Japanese Candlesticks.  Be cautious, as it could sway either way, but tomorrow's Jobs data could be a catalyst for any movement.

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