Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Daily Market Report 11/19/19

http://MikesDailyMarketReport.com: Housing Starts improved in October, rising from 1.266 million annualized units in September to 1.314 million in October.  The Building Permits (a good forward view of Housing Starts) increased to a 12 year high, which it went from 1.391 million annualized units in September to 1.461 million in October.  The good part of this data is the increase in Single Family Homes.  Stocks are Down this morning and growing doubt over a US-China Trade deal happening before the December 15th Deadline (for more Tariffs).  Also, Home Depot and Kohls sales disappointed.  MBS is currently Up 5bps.  However, MBS closed only +5bps yesterday, well off of it's highs when pricing came out.  So, Lenders whom had an intraday price change yesterday for the worse, then they'll price today about the same as yesterday's close.  Those whom held off on a change in pricing will see it in today's pricing.  Yields are trying to hold above it's Quadruple floor of support.  It's currently below it's 25- and 100 DMA and sitting just on it's Fibonacci.  It's just a hair under 1.79% now.

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