Monday, April 29, 2019

Daily Market Report 4/29/19 Personal Income rose only 0.1% for March, as expectations were +0.4%.  Howevery, Consumer Spending rose 0.9% in March, based on an 0.8% jump.  The Fed's favorite gauge for inflation (Personal Consumption Expenditure, or PCE) was released today.  PCE rose 0.2% in March, as it's YoY rose from 1.3% to 1.5%.  The Fed watches the Core PCE (also called Core Inflation), which had no movement (0.0%) for March, so it's YoY dropped from 1.7% to 1.6%.  When you remove food and energy, then you have the core data, as those variables are uncontrolled and can vary quite abit.  It's below the Fed's target rate of 2.0% for Inflation.  Stocks are trending a little higher, as they are in record high territory and approaching the Fed's 2 day meeting, starting tomorrow.  More Q1 Corporate Earnings Reports will kick off the week, as only 46% have reported thus far.  US and China trade talks resume; however, the North American Trade Agreement appear to be in jeopardy, as Congress threatens to block it.  MBS is down 5bps, so Mortgage Rates remain Unchanged.  Yields have increased to 2.53% again, adding pressure to MBS.

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